Austin, TX — May 5, 2017 — Projection screen manufacturer, Screen Innovations® (SI®) has announced a major update to their popular Short Throw (ST) screen. Traditionally, SI’s Short Throw screen was available only in pre-built, rigid panel configuration, and shipped in a large rectangular box. “Many customers loved our rigid panel design because the screen was pre-built, requiring nothing more than removing the screen from the box and hanging it on the wall. In some instances, however, customers working in tight spaces preferred the ability to purchase the screen in the smallest possible footprint to allow for simplified maneuvering and logistics,” said Skyler Meek, Director of Marketing at SI.

To better serve their customers, SI has created two configuration options based on the install requirements for the job. Dealers can order ST screens with the hard panel removed from the equation entirely via a new proprietary material attachment method that allows the material to be rolled onto a small core, and shipped in a much smaller box which also reduces the overall weight of the screen. Alternatively, SI customers have the option of ordering this new flexible version of ST in a “pre-assembled” configuration, drastically reducing install time. This optional pre-assembled upgrade comes at no additional cost.

Available in Fixed and Zero Edge frame styles, SI’s ST material works to reject ambient light in the room from angles directly above the screen, and perpendicular to the viewing surface, out into the room. Instead of utilizing ambi-directional ALR technology, like what is present in their Black Diamond® and Slate® screen technologies, this new solution focuses specifically on ultra-short throw (UST) projectors and lenses. These UST projectors typically have a lens throw ratio of less than 0.4x and are placed in very close proximity to the screen. SI’s screen accomplishes this by implementing what they call “a microscopic, lenticular extrusion.” This technology, as further explained by SI, can be thought of by picturing window blinds facing down, that are only slightly opened. The topside of the blind, or what the room sees is tinted black, but the bottom side of the blind, or what the projector sees, is tinted to a standard white, neutral color, allowing for bright, colorful image reproduction while maintaining the contrast levels of the projector. The result is an over 700% increase in contrast compared to standard matte white screen materials, with a nearly perfect viewing cone of 180 degrees.

SI maintains that their frames are still the highest quality in the industry as well as the most aesthetically pleasing. “We completely changed the industry by creating the world’s first Zero Edge® style screen in 2010, driven by our ability to have a screen in environments with lots of ambient light, like a living room. Our customers wanted an awesome image, which we accomplished, but they also wanted an awesome presentation of that image – and that’s where Zero Edge was born.” Skyler continued, “We have now seen almost every one of our major competitors launch a ‘Zero Edge like’ product, to which we think of the adage: ‘mimicry is the ultimate form of flattery.’ ”

ST is available in Zero Edge and traditional Fixed frame styles and is available to order now.

About Screen Innovations
Founded in Ryan Gustafson’s garage in 2003 in Austin, Texas, Screen Innovations is a leading manufacturer of projection screens and associated technologies for residential and commercial applications. SI’s Black Diamond®, the world’s first and only multidirectional ambient-light-rejecting projection-screen technology, has revolutionized the two-piece projection category.

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