Screen Innovations (SI) who is known best for its optical screen materials such as Black Diamond, is announcing a new “Quick-Build” screen program offering a 3 and 5 day build on a pre-defined set of SKUs. This new program incorporates the most popular sizes and materials from SI’s line of Motorized, Fixed, Zero Edge, and Zero Edge Pro screens.

“The goal of the Quick-Build program is not simply supplying our customers the screen they want faster but doing so reliably. What we are really promoting is consistency – we will ship on time, every time,” said Jason Reis, COO at SI.

In addition to jumping into a 3-day or 5-day build line, Quick-Build screens also take dramatically less time to order compared to SI’s existing custom screen builder tool. The Quick-Build ordering system displays a selection of filterable screen products with instant screen drawing downloads and a quick checkout system.