AUSTIN, TX (April 4, 2019) — First introduced at CEDIA in September 2018, Flow™ was designed by Screen Innovations (SI) to function as a missing link for dealers to remove guesswork when designing, specifying, and ordering shading. SI now announces the release of Flow V2.0, which also includes Zen, their outdoor line of motorized shades featuring Serge Ferrari fabrics with Precontraint durability technology.

Flow’s software addresses important variables in outdoor shading such as mounting, fabric, and construction. When a variable arises, such as seam placement in wide openings, it raises notification and coaches dealers through precise seam alignment in adjacent shades. Sloped openings are also addressed by the software, helping dealers resolve issues with homeowners on measuring day instead of installation day.

According to Tom Cooley, SI COO, “Flow is not just software, it’s a complete ecosystem helping dealers select the right fabrics, motors, and controls for every window in the home. By combining training, sampling, and software together into a unified experience, we are building dealer confidence in succeeding profitably on every project.”

SI invites all inquiring dealers to join a shade training session and contact your SI sales rep for more information.

About Screen Innovations
Founded in Ryan Gustafson’s garage in 2003 in Austin, Texas, Screen Innovations is a leading manufacturer of projection screens and associated technologies for residential and commercial applications. SI’s Black Diamond®, the world’s first and only multidirectional ambient-light-rejecting projection-screen technology, has revolutionized the two-piece projection category.

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