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One of the most difficult things to do as a manufacturer is to provide high-quality product at affordable prices. 3 Series Fixed meets both of those objectives and gives the “every day man” access to the big screen experience.


3 Fixed Performance and Value

Performance and Value

3 Series projector screens set the standard for performance and value and lead the industry with both Solar White and Gray 4K rated screen material options.

3 Fixed Options

More Screen Options

Available in standard diagonals up to 205” in 16:9 as well as multiple other aspect ratios, 3 Series Fixed is a very versatile screen – perfectly suited for the value oriented customer who also needs a more custom solution.

3 Fixed Drawing


Max: 205” (5207mm) in 16:9
Max: 260” (6604mm) in 2.35:1

Standard sizes only. All sizes are measured diagonally. All dimensions are listed as seamless.

Aspect Ratios



3.5” aluminum extrusion hand wrapped in velvet

Available in curved configuration

Installation | Adjustment

Ships unassembled – some assembly is required.

Gain ALR Acoustic Material
1.3 10 No Solar White
Gain ALR Acoustic Material
0.9 15 No Solar Gray
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