1 Motorized

Motorized for the Masses

1 Series Motorized projector screens offer the most popular options in ready to order, out of the box configurations making it our best value oriented product.
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    Ceiling or Wall Mount

    Our external cassette brackets are capable of being mounted on either the ceiling or the wall.

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    Gamma Screen Material

    Our 1.1 gain Gamma screen material adheres to our strict standards for image and color reproduction, as well as visual acuity but a more affordable price point.


Ready to Order

Our 1 Series Motorized screens are available out of the box in standard sizes to make the product not only value oriented but also give it the capability to be quickly produced and fulfilled.

HDTV Ratio

1 Series Motorized is available in the most popular aspect ratio, 16:9, which is the same as most flat-panel televisions. That means that you can have up to a 160-inch TV and get the big screen experience for less than you think.
160″ in 16:9 Up to a 160″ image in 16:9 with standard sizes.

It’s There. Then it’s Gone.

Having a big screen is awesome. Sometimes though, that big screen can be an eyesore when the image is turned off. A motorized screen such as our 1 Series Motorized allows you to have the big screen experience when you want it, and then nothing at all when you don’t with the simple press of a button.
show cassette only Manually operated with safety clutch and spring.
show cassette and material New Lithium design with over 2 year life & 500 recharges.


Instead of skimping on the level of connectivity in our value oriented products, we wanted to ensure that our customers would receive the same standard of connectivity in each product we sell. This means that 3 Motorized comes with low voltage trigger, IR remote, and wall switch all standard. RS232/485 are optional.
Wall Switch Conveniently located and finished look.
IR Remote Operation from anywhere visible by the IR eye.
LV Trigger To be triggered with control systems.
RS232/485 For a deeper level of control.

Available Materials

We offer a wide variety of screen materials for different applications and uses. For a full list and specs of our screen materials you can compare all of our materials here:

Compare Materials
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Welcome to Transformer, the most seamless and unobtrusive variable aspect ratio ever created.
  • Max: 160” (5080mm) in 16:9
  • Standard sizes only

* All sizes are measured diagonally. All dimensions are listed as seamless.

Aspect Ratios
  • 16:9
  • Gamma White 1.1
Case Specifications
  • External configuration only
  • White case color only
  • Up to 24-inches of black-drop standard
  • Ships with wall switch, IR remote, and low voltage trigger standard
Installation / Adjustment
  • Drop is adjustable in the field.


Let's Do This.

Proudly Made in the USA

All of our hand-built screens are proudly manufactured in our 75,000ft2 factory in Austin, Texas.

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