1 Motorized

3 motorized external

Motorized for the Masses

1 Series Motorized projector screens offer the most popular options in ready to order, out of the box configurations making it our best value-oriented product.

3 motorized flush vs. external

Ready to Order

Our 1 Series Motorized screens are available out of the box in standard sizes to make the product not only value-oriented but also give it the capability to be quickly produced and fulfilled.

1 Motorized drawing


Max: 133” (3378mm) in 16:9

Standard sizes only. Available in 1” increments. All sizes are measured diagonally. Some materials may be limited in size. All dimensions are listed as seamless.

Aspect Ratios



Installation | Adjustment

Drop is adjustable in the field.

Case Specifications

External configuration only

  • White case color option only
  • Up to 24-inches of black-drop standard
  • Ships with wall switch, IR remote, and low voltage trigger standard


Gain ALR AT Material
1.10 10 No Gamma
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