Screen Optics

Why make our own optics?

Screen Innovations was born from the idea that everyone should be able to obtain the big screen experience. We created Black Diamond, Slate, and our other screen materials because it was the only way we could ensure that the quality and optical performance would enable this vision to become a reality.

To us, manufacturing screens is craftsmanship. The experience that the customer ultimately receives requires not only the best quality in the frames or motorized formats, but how the image is reproduced from the projector. The best way to create that experience and to achieve our dream is to design, engineer, and create our own screen materials, and optical technology.

We don’t really care if you just buy a screen from us. We care that you buy the right screen and the right projector for your environment, and that it looks absolutely stunning and blows you away.

Ryan Gustafson, Founder, Visionary

What is ALR?

A projection screen that works with the lights on.

ALR stands for Ambient Light Rejection. It is a specific type of projection screen material that uses a physical optic to change the way light is reflected on the surface. Typically, these optical treatments are either applied to an existing surface, or created within the mix of the material itself.

In other materials, they employ layers of materials stacked together which filter the light as it enters and exits the viewing surface. This type of ALR screen is referred to as a multi-layered optic, an example of such would be our Black Diamond screen material.

Black Diamond

In 2008, after massive investment and over 3 years of research and development, Black Diamond was born. It was and still is the best ALR screen ever made, which you will instantly understand why the first time that you see one.


Crafting our own projection screen materials ensures that we are able to provide the absolute best quality possible with highly scrutinous checks on every square inch of the material.

Zero Edge Quality Check

The largest seamless ALR options

It’s not easy making an optical screen go big, especially true for a multi-layered optic. Our intense engineering and development effort has produced the largest seamless multi-layered screen optic, Black Diamond with a maximum height of 76-inches, or an effective 150-inch diagonal screen in 16:9. No other screen material is capable of achieving this.

Additionally, our PVC based ALR projection screen material, Slate, is capable of going up to 189-inches tall, seamless. The result is a gigantic 375-inch ALR projection screen capable of existing in environments with ambient light. It’s the perfect solution for nearly any commercial environment, or large home theater.

Slate XL

The original development of Slate was driven by our goal of creating the big screen experience for anyone in any environment. The question we always heard from our customers was, “Can it go bigger?”

A Giant Motorized Leap

Large ALR screens on a motorized format represents a huge leap for two-piece projection. Imagine the ability to create a flat-panel like image, but have it disappear when not using it!

Motorized Screen Quality Check

The Purest Possible Reflection

We control every aspect of the makeup of our screen materials, and sometimes that means going back to the drawing board for years for something as simple as the shape of a particle or the neutrality of the pigment color.

The amount of time spent crafting this process is enormous as it should be. When your projector kicks on, you deserve to have the confidence that the material that the projected light is reflecting off of is either exactly what the calibrator and manufacture desire, or is enhancing it in a uniform and repeatable way.

Optical Purity

Our PVC materials are all texture managed to 9 times finer than standard white or gray materials. We take the extra step to engineer this level of smoothness so your 4k and 8k projected images are as sharp as physically possible.

slate projection screen grit patternstandard projection screen grit pattern

Space Station Material

Slate is the projection screen material of choice for astronauts on board the International Space Station.

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