Connects your Solo with up to 75 feet of wireless RF communication, allowing you to control the screen with a number of different connectivity options such as 12v trigger, IR, and Dry Contact.

  • 12v trigger, IR, and Dry Contact
  • Up to 75 feet
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connect dimensions - width/length

Connect dimensions - height


3” x 3” x .88”[76.2mm x 76.2mm x 22.4mm]


Shipping Weight with accessories

1 lb. [0.45kg]

Connect Weight

2.3 oz. [0.07 kg]


Operating Temperature Range

0°C – 50°C
Indoor dry location use only.
Not for outdoor applications.

  • Connect converts common inputs (IR, DC, etc) to RF signal to control Solo. Program a universal IR remote, or trigger directly via 12V or RJ12.
  • Wireless RTS Range (distance of Connect to screen): 70 ft. max. Distance may be reduced by interfering objects such as walls, A/V wiring covering the box, metal furniture, etc or by box orientation. Do not install inside of a metal enclosure.

Connect angle


Connect can be oriented horizontally or vertically (horizontal preferred), as long as the built-in IR eye has an unobstructed view of the controlling remote. Enclosures, especially rack-mounts, may interfere with or reduce the strength of the RF signal.

Power Supply
  • Power supply included. Power supply operates on 100 – 240VAC, 50/60 Hz.
  • Power indicator light visible through the case when the power supply is connected.

Connect inputs - front

Connect inputs - back

  • Front IR eye – for use with Universal Remote Controls. LINE-OF-SIGHT operation.
  • 12V DC trigger – direct-current trigger deploys screen to lower limit and raises to closed. NON-LINE-OF-SIGHT operation.
  • Extended IR trigger. LINE-OF-SIGHT operation.
  • Dry contact RJ12 jack. See Connect instruction manual for contact pinout. NON-LINE-OF-SIGHT operation.
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