Zero Edge, Made Rollable

Imagine a Zero Edge® projection screen that disappears into a 3″ clear anodized cassette. Now imagine being able to take the cassette anywhere. Meet Solo, a wireless, motorized, Zero Edge screen that can run for 2 years on a single charge.

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    Tab Tensioning

    We custom cut our tabs into the screen material instead of adhering additional material to the screen surface. This creates a seamless screen and eliminates the appearance of repeating marks in the screen surface.

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    Minimal Cassette

    Solo’s cassette is only 2.75-inches tall and has a clear anodized for durability and a high-end look.

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    Slate 1.2 Screen Material

    Solo is available in our advanced Slate 1.2 screen material, which rejects up to 65% of the ambient light in the room.



Solo is completely wireless thanks to the intelligent lithium-powered motor contained within its clear anodized cassette. When charging becomes necessary, simply click our magnetic cable into Solo’s charging port.

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* Currently, Control4 and Amazon Echo are the only approved APIs for the myLink Controller. Savant, Elan, and Crestron myLink coming soon! We recommend using our Solo Connect to adapt to these other control systems until these APIs are made available.


Converts Low Voltage Trigger, IR, and Dry Contact into wireless RF control.

RF Remote

The included RF remote controls Solo wirelessly up to 30 feet.


Control in the palm of your hands, or by the sound of your voice with Amazon’s Echo. MyLink™ enables automation of Solo based on the astronomical clock, and scenes to engage multiple systems instantaneously.

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mylink amazon echo mobile app integration


Wherever you go, take Solo with you. We designed it to be lightweight and simple enough to adapt to an enormous array of mounting applications, even suction cup brackets (our favorite.)


Compare the differences between Solo & Solo Pro:
Solo Pro
Solo Pro
Motor Options Lithium (patent pending magnetic recharge)
  • Lithium (patent pending magnetic recharge)
  • Somfy ST30 24v (low voltage)
  • 80″ / 90″ / 100″
  • Standard sizes only
  • 80-120″
  • Custom sizes in 1-inch increments
Aspect Ratios
  • 16:9
  • 16:10
  • 16:9
  • 16:10
Color Options Clear Anodized White / Warm White / Dark Gray / Char Brown / Taupe / Black / Teal / Slate Blue / Clear Anodized / Red / Blue / Orange
End Caps Plastic Machined aluminum with color options
Materials Slate 1.2 Slate 1.2 / Slate .8 / Pure White / Pure Gray / Slate 1.2 AT / Slate .8 AT / Pure White AT / Pure Gray AT / 360 Rear-Pro
Tab Tensioning Yes Yes
Minimal 2.75″ Cassette Yes Yes
RF Remote Yes Yes
Control System Integration Yes (with MyLink accessory) Yes (with MyLink accessory)
Accessories All Available Accessories All Available Accessories

* Diagonal sizes in this spec are measured in 16:9 aspect ratio.


We have built Solo to be as adaptable as possible utilizing a wide variety of accessories to extend the available features.



Connects your Solo with up to 75 feet of wireless RF communication, allowing you to control the screen with a number of different connectivity options such as 12v trigger, IR, and RS232.

  • 12v trigger, IR, and RS232
  • Up to 75 feet
$200.00 Where to Buy

Solo Remote

Every Solo / Solo Pro ships with our Solo Remote, an RF (radio frequency) remote that can wirelessly operate the screen from up to 30 feet without the need for aiming directly at an IR reciever.

  • RF (radio frequency)
  • Up to 30 feet
  • No line of sight needed
$75.00 Where to Buy

Quick Release Brackets

Our Quick Release Brackets make mounting your solo a “snap.” We designed them to allow for quick mounting or dismounting through a mechanical locking mechanism that makes a “snapping” sound when it has successfully seated against the screen cassette. They are also designed to look aesthetically pleasing, even when no screen has been mounted to them.
$30.00 Where to Buy
universal locking bracket

Universal Locking Brackets

For added versatility, we have designed our Universal Locking Brackets, which allow you to securely mount to nearly any surface with a 1/4-20 type screw. The brackets also “lock” for added security, or applications that are prone to motion or accidental bumping.
$100.00 Where to Buy
Solo Suction Cup Mount

Suction Cup Brackets

The most unique and exciting bracket ever conceived for a screen. Our Suction Cup Brackets enable you to temporarily mount your screen to any smooth, flat, nonporous surface such as windows or the side of an airstream trailer. Movie by the campfire? Yes!
$400.00 Where to Buy

Charging Cable

Using our patent pending recharging method, recharging the Lithium powered Solo or Solo Pro can be easily accomplished by our Charging Cable which magnetically “clicks” into the charging port of the screen.
$30.00 Where to Buy

Available Materials

We offer a wide variety of screen materials for different applications and uses. For a full list and specs of our screen materials you can compare all of our materials here:

Compare Materials
Slate 1.2
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Solo: Zero Edge®, made rollable.
Solo Specs
  • Proprietary lithium powered rechargeable motor
  • 80″ / 90″ / 100″
    2032mm / 2286mm / 2540mm
  • Available in standard sizes only.

* All sizes are measured diagonally. Some materials may be limited in size. All dimensions are listed as seamless.

Aspect Ratios
  • 16:9
  • 16:10
  • Slate 1.2
Color Options
  • Clear Anodized Cassette
Installation / Adjustment
  • Drop is adjustable in the field up to 12″ (305mm).
  • Cassette to be installed by mounting to any SOLO or approved third-party accessories.
  • Standard Accessories: (2) Sets of Quick Release Brackets / (1) SOLO Remote / (1) Charging Cable
  • Optional Accessories: Quick Release Bracket / Universal Locking Bracket / Solo Connect / Solo Remote / Charging Cable / MyLink

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Proudly Made in the USA

All of our hand-built screens are proudly manufactured in our 75,000ft2 factory in Austin, Texas.

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