Décora Ceiling Brackets

The Décora Ceiling Bracket for Solo/Pro 2 makes it possible to mount your screen directly to structural support in the ceiling. When ordered with a Solo/Pro 2 screen, the mounts will be powder-coated to match the configuration of the screen cassette.

Where to Buy

Decora ceiling bracket spec drawing


The Solo/Pro 2 Décora Ceiling Bracket is made up of two custom mounting brackets which can be secured to ceiling structural supports and provide a finished look. The brackets can accommodate any size Solo/Pro 2 screen


2.5’’ L x 2.94’’ D x 2.25” H
(64mm x 75 mm x 57 mm)



Custom powder coat to match the cassette

Parts in the box
  • (2) Décora Ceiling Brackets
  • (4) No.10 flat-head screws
  • 3/32” and 5/64” hex keys


Aluminum and Steel Hardware


Max. Load Per bracket


Screen Mount
  • No.10 screws provided for attaching to ceiling structural supports
  • Custom brackets hook into and is secured to any size Solo/Pro 2 cassette
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