Zero Gap Wall Brackets

The Zero Gap Wall Bracket was designed to allow for positioning your Solo/Pro 2 screen as close as possible to the wall on which it is mounted. Each Zero Gap Wall Bracket is powder-coated matte black.

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Zero gap wall bracket spec drawing


Solo/Pro 2 Zero Gap Wall brackets are wall mounted to provide an installation method to get your Solo/Pro 2 screen as close as possible to the wall. The brackets can accommodate any size Solo/Pro 2 screen. A flat wall is required to accommodate gap between back of the cassette and the wall.


2.5’’ L x .32’’ D x 2.22” H
(64mm x 8 mm x 56 mm)



Black Powder Coat

Parts in the box
  • (2) Zero Gap Wall Brackets
  • (4) No.8 flat-head screws


Steel Sheet Metal


Max Load per bracket


Screen Mount
  • No.8 screws provided for attachment to wooden structure
  • Screen cassette to hang on bracket hooks
  • Non locking screen installation
  • Custom bottom lip on bracket holds the cassette perpendicular to the floor
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